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Nikovka by Vaynese

Kalashnikovka by Vaynese


21 deviants said JUST STOP.
9 deviants said sorry for being rude, but i'm so sick of this. those kind of comments can force insecure people to stop doing art, because it hurts them so much. be kind to each other, thanks.
8 deviants said those kind of comments make many people feel like they should feel bad or even guilty for being good at something
6 deviants said "now that i've seen your entry, i'm not even motivated to enter this contest anymore" IS NO COMPLIMENT EITHER. MAKES ONE FEEL LIKE SHIT.
6 deviants said i've seen and got lots of comments like this lately, I'm not mad at anyone, I just want to raise awareness to this.
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GSR Summer Event *EXTENSION*

Sun May 15, 2016, 5:15 AM
Welcome to GSR's first Event!
This will be an Event with some Shows and lots of Summer Fun! :star:

Important Dates

Pre-Reg for Double Jump Begins: May 15th
Pre-Reg for Double Jump Closes: August 10th
Show Begins: May 15th, 2016
Show Closes: September 30st, 2016

The Rules

- No experience required. (no training picture required)
- Rider must be 16+ years old. (exception: Apple Race)
- Horse must be 5+ years old.
- Your horses may wear comfortable tack for all classes.
- Your Rider must wear summer-clothes. (or anything he/she is comfortable with)
- This Show reqires fullbody entries with drawn backgrounds.
- No Collabs for the main entries! (welcomed for extra images tho)
- No free linearts, tracing, photomanips or reusing old images.
- The horse must have a ref sheet.
- The Rider must be human. (or at least look human)
- Horse and Rider must be shown on the main entries.
- You may enter with the same Rider+Horse at more than one class.
- You may enter with more than one team per class, but horse and rider can enter a class only ONCE.
- Fantasy breeds are accepted, but their special skills won't give you extra points.

- Double Jump needs pre-registration, leave a comment here
  - Phase 1: (username)
        - Horse: Name + Ref Sheet
        - Rider: Name (+Ref Sheet)
        - Stable: Name
        - Item: the item that will be passed on
    - Phase 2: (username)
        - Horse: Name + Ref Sheet
        - Rider: Name (+Ref Sheet)
        - Stable: Name
- You may enter with a team from your stable, or team up with friends! Only ONE person needs to do the pre-registration.
- You will recieve a team-number
- Pre-Reg ends on August 10th
- For all Classes: When your Entry is done, leave a comment at the correct section below with:
  - Horse: Name + Ref Sheet
    - Rider: Name (+Ref Sheet)
    - Stable: Name
  - Link to the entry
Double Jump Phase 1
Double Jump Phase 2
Apple Race
Liquid Gold
Water Dance

- Add this at the TOP of your Entry:
    - Class: the class your team is entering at
    - Horse: Name + Ref Sheet
    - Rider: Name (+Ref Sheet)
    - Stable: Name
   (- Phase 1/Phase 2: Link to the other Image , for Double Jump only!)
    - Extra Image: Link to your extra Image


- One Main Entry: max 15p

To enter a class, you must draw one main entry. Please read the description to each class closely and take a look at the provided ref images to get all the details concering weather, tack, surroundings …
- Extra Images: max 5p per image
You may draw 1 extra image per entry, it will be judged on effort.
Example 1: rider1 + horse1 are entering the Apple Race
  > 1 extra image can be added to the score
Example 2: rider1+ horse1 are entering the Apple Race + Liquid Gold
  > 1 extra image for AR, 1 extra image for LG
Example 3: rider1 + horse1 and rider2 + horse2 are entering the Double Jump
  > 2 extra images can be added to the score
  (if you're entering with a friend you can split them up or do 2 collabs)
- Random Number: max 5p
All entries will be assigned a placing by
Max Points per Entry: 25p

Double Jump

This will be a partner-crosscountry class and will be held on the first day, around 4pm.
You need two horses and two riders to enter this event. You may enter with a team from your stable, or team up with a friend! Both need to finish their main entry.

Choose an item that the rider will carry along and that will be passed on to the partner. It can be any small item.

This Class consists of two phases:
Phase 1: First part of the parkour
- the item will be passed on to the partner
Phase 2: Second part of the parkour

Draw your characters somewhere along the trail. The item and one obstacle must be shown. The team number must be visible on the saddlepad. At the beginning the weather is still quite nice, but some heavy clouds appear on the horizon and the sky is about to turn grey already. It's verrry windy. During the second phase the clouds will have covered the sky and turn it grey and we'll have some nice cooling summer rain! Watch out, it might be slippery on the trail. Horses must wear protection on the legs and a helmet is recommended.

Obstacles, Parkour and Ref Pictures:

Apple Race

How fast is your horse? And how fast can the rider pick up an apple out of a water-bucket? With only their mouth? You may enter with kids (at least 14yo)!

This Class consists of three phases:
Phase 1: Race from Startline to the Middlesection
Phase 2: jump off your horse and grab an apple (with only the mouth! don't use your hands!)
Phase 3: Race from Middlesection to the Finishline (with the apple!)
You may draw any phase for the main entry, make sure the rider's face is dripping with water when heading towards the finishline! It will take place around 11am, the weather is all sunny with no clouds in the sky. The race will be held on a great field alongside a forrest, all the entrants will start at once. The black buckets will be standing on wooden barrels in the shadow of huge willows. Andrew will be around to make sure no rider is cheating by using their hands. Showing him and/or other entrants will give you extra points! Take care the horse won't eat the apple before arriving at the finishline! xD

Track and Ref Pictures:

Liquid Gold

The GSR staff loves Barrel Racing. And beer – you better not spill too much of this precious golden liquid along the race! Your rider will have to hold a glass of beer in one hand while finishing the parkour. Be quick, but don't spill too much x)
This fun race will take place in the afternoon, around 5pm. The sky is clear and the sun still shining all brightly. The parkour will consist of some wooden barrels on the training ground; and surrounded by a wooden fence. Drawing someone who is cheering at you from behind the fence will bring extra points!

Ref Pictures:

Water Dance

The last Show will be Dressage, held in the outdoor arena that will be filled with water. A fancy wooden fence is surrounding the place, the ground will be covered with a light blue tarp so it can contain water – it's only 25cm high. The water might irritate some horses, some might think it's fun! Remember: It's summer! The rider should wear some summer clothes or even just a bikini? The horse can be decorated as well.
It'll take place in the evening at 8pm. The sun is about to go down over the fields and will show a spectacular sunset! There might be some fog in the distance.

Ref Pictures:


1st Places:
- 250 points (25 points by Brainem)
- ribbon
- team picture of the winning horses + riders by me
- fullcoloured picture of your character by SophieMacaulay
- headshot of the winning horses by Zephyriee
- Customized version of this Pixel Base by TerracottaVulture
- Custom Enochiari Import
- Custom BengaloThoroughbred with mutation

2nd Places:
- 100 points
- ribbon
- headshots of the winning horses by me
- picture of your character (with shading) by SophieMacaulay
- Custom Enochiari Import
- Custom BengaloThoroughbred without mutation
- Semi-Custom Wispancer-Breed

3rd Places:
- 50 points
- ribbon
- headshots of the winning horses by me
- flatcoloured picture of your character by SophieMacaulay
- Semi Custom Enochiari Import

Donations are MUCH appreciated :meow: if you want to donate something, you can leave a comment or note me x3


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